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every now and then i fall apart

13th july - ya girl

ya girl is speaking truth.

All of these (and other stuff too like people accusing dUCk of buying in bulk and relabelling – which we don’t at all, and that people were so unhappy that dUCk got into Sephora they just couldn’t accept the fact) happened in the span of maybe 2 months and I have to admit I was really reflecting on myself. It’s like people love the idea of a rising Malay entrepreneur, but they secretly don’t like it either. I just have a dream to have this amazing business and working crazy hard for it, and while that’s on the journey, I also have to deal with being a public person that people love to love but love to hate too – for no reason at all. I confided in my parents and Fadza a lot, and I felt a whole lot better because I realise that I was just being extra sensitive (blame the pregnancy!). I refocused on what mattered most and suddenly bammmm everything seemed brighter, clouds cleared and I was ready to kick butt. Of course I can’t stop people from talking, so I should just expect them to and be ok with it – because whatever people say, nothing really changes because I still have to go to work and I still have challenges to face in life. Neither praises nor insults will change anything in my life – I shouldn’t be proud of praises and I shouldn’t be pulled down by insults, I just have to keep a good head on my shoulders.